In 1966 Alejandro Beltrá Sanchis, a toy industrialist from Ibi, bought the estate Mas de Roc which at that time was devoted to planting grapes, olives and almonds. Quite soon he began to substitute these cultures by apple trees. Alongside Alejandro could not but think of how to combine the agricultural exploitation of the lands and to maintain the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. And also, he wanted to introduce some local fruit varieties.

Thirty years later, in 1995, based on this philosophy and this experience there was founded the cooperative company Mas de Roc.

Nowadays it is a family enterprise that comprises four estates: El Mas de Roc, El Cardenal, El Mas Nou and Les Torretes. Their total surface covers 254 hectares of which approximately 157 are occupied with cherry, apple, pear, plum and apricot trees, in greater part.

The territory is situated next to the high road A-7 (connecting inshore Alicante and Valencia), thus, having a strategic position which enables us to bring rapidly the fruit to anywhere in Europe.

The company is committed to technical and ecological innovation and maintaining varieties of local fruits like, for example, apples "Perello" and "Beneixama"


The company complies with all major protocols and standards dealing with the quality, traceability, environmental protection and consumer safety:

· Certificate GLOBALG.AP (EUREPGAP) of Farm Integrated Assurance
· Certificate of Conformity TESCO for cherries

And with the certifications that accredit to the company the right for organic farming:

· CCertification of BIO SUISSE (Association of the Swiss organic farming organizations)
· Certificate of the organic cherry producer issued by the Committee of Organic Farming of The Valencian Community
· Certificate of the organic cherry handler issued by the Committee of Organic Farming of The Valencian Community

Awards: In 2011 we received the award as the best agricultural cooperative in The Valencian Community.



67 hectares, 50 hectares of fruit trees, of which 34 are cherry trees. Located in the La Canal Alta, between Alcoy and Ibi, in a privileged environment in the immediate vicinity to the natural park of La Font Roja.

Its altitude is about 850 to 900 meters. The low winter temperatures and the misty conditions, so typical of La Canal winter, provide an exceptional quality and taste to the fruit.
The type of cultivation is that of a dryland farming, with some irrigation support provided by a water reservoir located in the estate area.
The majority of production is related to cherries but also a certain amount of apple trees, of the variety "Perello", is cultivated there and, also, some variety of plum.
Here are industrial premises where apples are sorted and got ready for distribution.

24 hectares, all are occupied with fruit trees, most of which are cherries. Located in the municipality of Xixona, it adjoins El Mas de Roc and forms a single production unit with the latter and El Cardenal.

Here are located the headquarters and the industrial premises equipped with the machinery for the selection and packaging of the cherry.
El Mas Nou also has a reservoir to carry out a basic irrigation support for the rainfed cultivation during the hot summer months.

136 hectares, 65 of them occupied with fruit trees. Located in the municipality of Penaguila, within a 9 km distance from other estates. It is the largest finca and occupies a valley between the gullies.

Its location at 700 m of altitude and a favourable situation of being protected by the surrounding mountains, make the fruits ripe 15 to 30 days earlier than in other estates.
The rainfed cultures get the irrigation support with the help of a dripping system from a water reservoir. Its capacity is enough to irrigate 42 hectares of cherry, 5 ha of apple, 2 ha of pear, 2 ha of plum, 3 ha of peach and 1 ha of apricot.
Years ago, we started growing organic cherries, dedicating 12 hectares to this purpose. The satisfactory results that we have obtained encourage us to continue on this direction.

27 hectares, 18 of cultures, of which 14 are apple trees. Located next to El Mas de Roc, in the same area near the natural park La Font Roja, so their characteristics are very similar.

A water reservoir in its territory serves as a basic support for rainfed cultivation of apples and some variety of plums.

Methods of cultivation

Methods of cultivation

Our cultivation methods combine new technologies and traditional techniques to get the best quality of the fruit and, at the same time, taking into account the peculiarities of the local agroecosystem.

The rainfalls in the area are between 400 and 600 mm per year, so the traditional farming is of rainfed type, which is distinguished by organoleptic quality of the fruit. The company Mas de Roc has opted for preserving this type of farming, relying on drip irrigation during the hotter months to obtain fruits of both high quality and good size.

For years, crop protection has been carried out according to the integrated pest management marked by the European Union. Therefore, we try to integrate different management strategies with special emphasis on biological control. Specifically, we stand for the conservation of biodiversity in agroecosystems, keeping the local flora along the field margins and growing beneficial cover crops between the rows of trees. This methodology promotes the conservation of natural enemies improving the biological control of pests and optimizes the management of weeds.

All these measures help us to achieve our main goal that is to produce quality fruit, in a sustainable manner. Our production is environmentally friendly and does not leave harmful residues on the fruits that can affect seriously human health.

Direct sale

Direct sale

Due to the high demand of our fruit, which has traditionally existed among the people of the region, we have arranged in our facilities a direct sale service, where one can buy freshly picked fruit.

The selling season begins in mid-May with cherry, later on continues with other fruit and finishes with apples at the end of this year or even at the beginning of the next one.

  • Informartion and direct sale
  • Mas de Roc, Partida Canal Alta 5, Alcoy (Alicante)
  • Telf. Direct sale: 646 104 965
Different sale formats available

Recipes and tips

Recipes and tips

We encourage you to enjoy our products in your kitchen. For this purpose we offer you some recipes, "easy and very healthy."
And here are a few tips that also will be useful to you.



For inquiries, questions or suggestions feel free to contact our staff who will be happy to help you:

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